White Terrorists in Oregon, Why You So Stupid?

About a dozen white guys armed with machine guns took over a federal building in Oregon this weekend because it’s their land.

That’s what one of these armed radicals told the Guardian.

“This public land belongs to ‘we the people’,” he said. “We’ll be here enjoying the snow and the scenery.”

He said this while holding an assault weapon and refusing anyone access to this we-the-peoples public land.

I never understand what these guys are talking about. Like McVeigh when he blew up that federal building, what was his point? I get things like the Shays’ Rebellion, it was about economics (taxes and debt). But these guys in Oregon are taking over federal property because they think it belongs to them personally and they can do whatever they want, like deny access to other people? Dumb.

The other reason that these guys claim for taking over a visitors center in a bird sanctuary is that they’re pissed about a couple convicted arsonists going to prison. The arsonists are a father and son duo that was convicted and actually already served time for the crime. But a judge decided that their sentence was too short and has given them four more years in the clink.

They torched a bunch of federal land to cover up a poaching operation.

Or it’s because these guys think that this land really does belong to them.

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