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Will Media Give Trump Another Pass?

Will Media Give Trump Another Pass?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has gone from creating a database of muslims to now calling for the total ban of muslims – even american muslims.

The mainstream media, even serious reporters like Dave Weigel scoffed when reporters reported about Trump’s policy position that the federal government needs to maintain a database of muslims. To the Weigel’s of the press corp, Trump’s repeated and consistent statements about tracking all muslims wasn’t a story. The critique was that a reporter asked Trump a pointed question and he answered it – gotcha journalism.

But now Trump is calling for a complete ban on muslims – even US citizens who practice Islam. We’ll see how the press handles this policy position from the leading GOP candidate. The mainstream media turned a blind eye to Trump’s position that all 11 million immigrants in this country should be deported and that he would do so as president – it was met with a shrug.

Well here’s what Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said in a fundraising email on Monday.

I want to say a few things about Donald Trump and specifically about his comments tonight that we should ban all Muslims from coming to the United States, even American Muslims returning home from overseas.

It’s fun for the political media to treat Donald Trump like he’s the lead character in a soap opera or the star player on a baseball team. But the truth is his language is dangerous, especially as it empowers his supporters to act out against Muslims, Latinos, and African-Americans.

Poll after poll shows that I am the candidate best suited to take on Donald Trump and every other Republican running for president.

Help me show the best of America — not the worst that Trump exemplifies. Help us win.

Donate $3 to our campaign now to condemn Donald Trump’s hate and racism.

The United States is a great nation when we stand together, but we are weak when we allow racism and xenophobia to divide us. So let’s send a message that we stand together.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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